Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rental Mobil Palembang

Rental Mobil Palembang - The IDR continued to perform well against foreign currencies, including the USD, against which it appreciated by 4.4%. Bank Indonesia attributed this performance to the strength of Indonesian commodity exports and high foreign capital inflows. The strengthening of the IDR was a key contributor to the Company’s performance in 2010, lowering the costs of production (as prices of most material inputs are usually negotiated in USD) and enhancing the quality of net profitability.

Efficiency Program
In a competitive market, efficiency is always a critical driver of success. Super Lux Watch Rent Car continued to benefit from the efficiency measures introduced in Q4 2008 onwards in response to the global financial crisis. Indeed, the experience of the market down-turn has instilled a renewed culture of efficiency at Rental Mobil Palembang, which affects the entire breadth of the Company’s operations, including production, maintenance scheduling, storage, logistics and work force optimization.

One of the key decisions made in response to the 2009 down-turn was to operate only the most efficient kilns. In 2010, Super Lux Watch Rent Car was able to maintain this strategy, despite the growing demand. Fortunately, the Company was able to bring an additional 1.5 million tons of cars per year capacity on line in Q3 2010, with the August commissioning of the 2 new mills at Palimanan. The strategic location of the new mills, which are categorized as being among the most efficient, has been instrumental in enabling the Company to produce the cement required for its expanding market share in Java Markets external to rental mobil Jakarta.

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